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Ford, Raptor 2017 30" S8 Grille LED Light Bar Kit

Ford, Raptor 2017 30" S8 Grille LED Light Bar Kit
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Ford, Raptor 2017 30" S8 Grille LED Light Bar Kit
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Baja Designs' 2017 Ford Raptor 30" S8 grille kit was designed with both functionality and visual appeal in mind. This kit comes with brackets and hardware that were designed to bolt up to factory mounting locations without drilling or cutting. Please note that this kit includes a 30" S8 in a driving combo beam pattern and the brackets will not accept any other light. The included harness will allow you to easily tap your lights into the factory up-fitter switches.Includes:2017 Raptor Mounting Brackets Required Hardware 30" S8 Driving/Combo Wiring Harness Note: Kit will not work with ADD Adaptive Cruise Control relocation kit.

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